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Clipboard Master

- FAQs

1. How can I call the dialog with the 1st configuration, e.g. to switch from 'Simple List' to 'Full features'?
Click at the Tray Icon and select Tools -> Restart configuration wizard...

2. How to save a picture in the list as JPG, BMP or GIF file?
Right click at the item, select Picture -> Save pictue(s) as.... and in the file save dialog select in the file type list the file type.

3. Can I have both, the 'Simple list' and 'Full features'?
Yes, define another global key combination:
Click at the Tray Icon and select Settings -> Settings -> global shortcuts.
Click at the 'New' button or press Ctrl + N.
Press the key combination you want to have and select in the list 'Assigned action' either 'Show clipboard' or 'Show quickmenu'.


Any other question? Email us: clipboardmaster(at)


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Clipboard Master