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Clipboard Master

- First steps

I. The Clipboard Master window




II. Paste text with Clipboard Master

Display the Clipboard Master window

  1. Set the cursor to the position where you want to paste text. 
  2. Press Windows () + V.
    (Note: you change that keyboard shortcut in the settings)


Select item and paste

Select the appropriate item with the cursor keys or the mouse and press 'Enter', 'Return' oder 'Ins'.
A double click at an item works as well.

The first 10 items can be pasted directly by pressing '1' bis '0'.



Context menu in Clipboard Master 

Via the context menu several command can be used.
To show the context menu, either right click at an item or press <F11>.


Use other clipboards

Clipboard Master does not only have one clipboard, it has several. Press <F4> (or <Left>) to show the list with the available clipboards.
To select one of these clipboards, you use one of the following methods:

  • Left click
  • Press Alt + 1st character
  • Alt + 1 ... 0
  • Ctrl + Tab

When the clipboard list is not visible the keys do work aas well.


Keep Clipboard Master visible

You want Clipboard Master remaining visible after pasting?
There are two possibilities for that:

1. Pin Clipboard Master:

Press <Scroll Lock> and the Clipboard Master window will be pinned. With this the window remains visible and always on top after pasting until you unpin or close it. To activate the window just click at it or press the global shortcut Windows + V. And you can use drag & drop to paste items.

2. Paste without hiding

In the settings -> keyboard in Clipboard Master you can define the actions for <Return>, <Ins>, e.g not to close the window after pasting.



  • Clipboard Master Version 3


Clipboard Master