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Clipboard Master

- Main window

In case you have chosen to show the quick menu, please click here.

The main window is shown, when you press the keyboard shortcut for Clipboard Master, the default is Windows + V:

The clipboard list with the recent items is shown.

To paste an item, click it or use the cursor keys and press 'Return' or 'Enter' or 'Ins'. The first 10 items can pasted by pressing '1' to '0'. More keys are described in the chapter 'Keys to control Clipboard Master'.

The button bar

To show/hide the button bar press 'F5'.

Paste the selected item(s), same as pressing 'Return' or 'Enter'
Shows the 'Paste' menu (F10)
Shows the 'Edit' menu  (F11)
Filter/Searche field: only the items containing this text will be shown in the list

Shows the 'System' menu (F12)


Paste several items at once

Select several items, either by pressing the Ctrl key together with the left mouse button, or press Space to select an item, and then move to another item using Ctrl and cursor up/down.

The items wil be pasted with a new line after each item.
So have e.g. a Tab or a ; between the items use the context menu (right click or click at or press 'F9') and select the appropriate menu item to paste.

Multiple clipboards

Press F4 (or Cursor left) to show the list with the clipboards:

Click at a clipboard name at the left to show its items.
To switch to another clipbaord you can use these key combinations::

Strg + Tabnext clipboard
Shift + Strg + Tabprevious clipboard
Alt + 1, 2, clipboard 1, 2, ...
Alt + characterselect clipboard with that character

You can add, rename or remove clipbords via the context menu: click at at the to pof the clipboards list (or right click) to show the menu.






  • Clipboard Master Version 3


Clipboard Master