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Clipboard Master

- Quick menu

During the first configuration you can select whether to use the full featured clipboard list, or to use the quick menu:


A: List mode

The list mode offers much more features than the simpole quick menu. However, on older computers or for quick access the quick menu might be better suitable. » List mode Details.


B:Quick menu

The quick menu shows the 20 recent clipboard items, and submenus for the other clipboards.

The quick menu is for slower computers and e.g. for users which are used to CLCL.

With the quick menu the recent clipboard items can be pasted very quickly, as well, e.g. press '1' ... '9' to paste the n-th item, or press the 1st character of another clipboard to show its list.

Use both full featured clipboard list and the quick list

You can define a keyboard shortcut for the quick list and another for the full featured clipboard list, so you can use both. To define the keyboad shortcuts see Settings.

Define default

During the first configuraiont that is shown when you start Clipboard Master the first time, you can select whether to use the full featured clipboard list or the quick list as default. You can change that any time: right click the Clipboard Master tray icon, select Tools -> Restart configuration wizard...




  • Clipboard Master Version 3


Clipboard Master