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Clipboard Master

- Search and filter

Search and filter


Clipboard Master use combined search and filter:
When Clipboard Master is shown, just type and text to search and filter:

a) only the items with the typed text are shown

b) the 1st item that has a word beginning with the typed text is selected:


Type 'si:
- all items containing 'si' are shown
- e.g. 'missing is shown, but not selected, as missing does nnot start with 'si'
- 'Yours sincerely' is selected as 'sincerely' starts with 'si'.

Filtern by type

Clipboard Master can store text, files, folders, URLs and pictures.

By default all elements are shown.
E.g. you want to paste an URL, but it is in the list e.g. at position 65. That would required scrolling a lot or using the text filter

With the following shortcurts you can filter the clip list by type:

Alt + F5show all elemente
Alt + F6show only text elements
Alt + F7show only files and folder
Alt + F8show only URLs
Alt + F9show onlypictures




  • Clipboard Master Version 3


Clipboard Master