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- Screenshots

Main window

The PureSync start windows has 3 areas: Create a new job:


Compare view

PureSync Compare view In this side by side view you can:
  • Check, what


Context menu

The PureSync context menu with many actions and options.


Settings, compare

You can define the PureSync settings in many details for your


Setup Wizard

PureSync Wizard:
Select the source and destination folder(s).
And you


Default folders

PureSync Backup: select a predefined folder, e.g. 
  • Microsoft Office files such as Word


Select folders

Select source and destination folder



Filter for files can be configured in the settings:
  • ex- or include


Automatic Backup, Synchronisation

Automatic backup or synchronization
  • Scheduled, e.g. every n minutes, days, ...
  • at


Transfer files

Here you can select a restore point and which folders you


Transfer files

Transfer files to another computer Step 1: 
Transfer files e.g. to a


Explorer context menu

With the windows explorers context menu you can easily start a new


Show file versions

PureSync can create multiple backups, so you have several version or


PureSync Professional

  • FTP supported
  • Execute as differnt user
  • Copy opened/locked files
  • For business use
  • only 19,95 €


PureSync Personal

  • free for personal use


PureSync Download

  • Version 4.6.0  (16.12.2017)