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- Feature backup

PureSync supports:

      local drives
      Server volumes such as \\MyServer\folder
      FTP 1) 3)
      some MTP devices
      copying open/locked files 2) 3)
      Run synchronization/backup with another user 1) 3)
      WebDAV support

Compare methods:

      By date
      By name
      By contents (compare binary)
     By filename (ignore the folder)


      Several folders at once
     Subfolders (up to depth x)
     Exclude folders
     Mirror mode
     Multiple backups, by using e.g.  [weekday] in the destination path, so have one backup
        each weekday
     Predefined folders
        E.g. you can select to backup you user profiles, all documents, your iTunes library or
        the browser bookmarks
     Network drives such as \\MyServer\folder are supported
     Files larger that 4GB are supported
     Environment variables such as %USERPROFILE% are supported
     Detection of time offset of 1 or 2 hours
     Destination path with time and date or a counter
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      delete files in folder 2 that have been deleted in folder 1
      delete files in folder 2 that do not exist in folder 1
      delete delayed after x minutes, hours or days


      Undo, even after PureSync has been closed3)


      Restore selected file(s)


      E.g. define a filter for file extension (for all or for each folder separately)
      Support for subfolder down to level x
      Exclude certain sub folders
      Define a date/time window
     Define the max. file size     


      Supports files and folders with unicode characters (e.g. Asian characters)
     even when synchronizing with an FTP folder


      Automatic synchronizations/backups
      Start a compare/synchronization via the Windows explorer context menu or define a new backup
      Email notification in case an error occured or always the complete log 3) 4)

1) Windows 2000 or newer
2) Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 or newer, only on NTFS drives
3) only PureSync Professional
4) .net 2.0 required

PureSync Professional

  • FTP supported
  • Execute as differnt user
  • Copy opened/locked files
  • For business use
  • only 19,95 €


PureSync Personal

  • free for personal use


PureSync Download

  • Version 4.6.0  (16.12.2017)