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- Feature Foto-Sync

PureSync supports:

      local drives/USB drives
     some MTP devices

Tranfer photos

      Several folders at once
     Exclude folders
     Destination path with time and/or date, e.g. [year] [month] [weekday] or [year]\[month]
      As destination path the date of the foto will be used and NOT the date of the sync
      Only fotos added taken the last sync will be copied (this can be changed in the settings)
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      Supports files and folders with unicode characters (e.g. Asian characters)
     even when synchronizing with an FTP folder


      Automatic synchronizations/backups
      Start a compare/synchronization via the Windows explorer context menu or define a new backup
      Email notification in case an error occured or always the complete log 3) 4)

1) Windows 2000 or newer
2) Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 or newer, only on NTFS drives
3) only PureSync Professional
4) .net 2.0 required

PureSync Professional

  • FTP supported
  • Execute as differnt user
  • Copy opened/locked files
  • For business use
  • only 19,95 €


PureSync Personal

  • free for personal use


PureSync Download

  • Version 4.6.0  (16.12.2017)