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- features WebDAV

PureSync itself does not support WebDAV. But you can map any WebDAV folder to a drive with the free software Novell netdrive 4. With that new drive PureSync can synchronize any folder.

Install Novell netdrive 4 and create a new drive:

1. Download Novell netdrive 4 and install it.
2. Execute netdrive.
3. Click at 'New Site' and enter a name and the address of the WebDAV server:



Then click at Finish ('Fertig stellen').


4. Now deactivate the option 'Anonymous/Public Logon' and enter you user name and the according password


5. Now PureSync can access the WebDAV drive via the drive e.g. X:.

PureSync Professional

  • FTP supported
  • Execute as differnt user
  • Copy opened/locked files
  • For business use
  • only 19,95 €


PureSync Personal

  • free for personal use


PureSync Download

  • Version 4.6.0  (16.12.2017)