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-  Transfer files

Transfer files to another computer
Transfer files from another computer

Transfer files to another computer

Step 1: 
Transfer files e.g. to a USB stick, NAS or MTP drive or FTP folder via wizard.Setup Wizard

Step 2: 
At the destination computer plug in e.g. the USB drive and PureSync will find the copied data itself and shows the wizard to transfer the files. Or you can 1st run a compare to see what has been changed since the last transfer,

Folders at the destination are adapted to the new system. E.g. you copy files from the user profile form Windows XP to Windows 7. PureSync will conovert the path from C:\Dokuments and Settings\... to C:\Users\

PureSync Professional

  • FTP supported
  • Execute as differnt user
  • Copy opened/locked files
  • For business use
  • only 19,95 €


PureSync Personal

  • free for personal use


PureSync Download

  • Version 4.6.0  (16.12.2017)