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1. Sign as Affiliate

To become an affiliate of our products please register at
We will have to confirm your request. You will get a confirmation.

For more info see:

2. Install a link to our shop

Please log in at
with your ID and password.
Select 'Products' and click at 'Display'. Now all products are displayed.
With 'Generate product links' you can generate links to the cart, which aou can add at your homepage, for your customers or yourself to order.

Replace 123456789 with your Affiliate ID.
This number is used to give you the commission.

You may place an iFrame so the order form is integrated to your home page, e.gl like on bestpro.html 

<iframe name="I1" frameborder="no" id="myIframe" src="http://www.shareit.com/product.html?cart=1&productid=170079&oplayout=EU&affiliateid=123456789" height="450">
Ihr Browser unterstützt Inlineframes nicht oder zeigt sie in der derzeitigen Konfiguration nicht an.

And add the following code in the header to resize the frame automatically:
<style type="text/css">


3. Your commission

When you register you can enter a bank account, or change it in the ShareeIt control panel under 
Administration->personal data.
You will get your commission once per month. All the payment processes are done by ShareIt.

About Jumping Bytes

Jumping Bytes was founded in 2001, formerly under the name CegeSoft, by Christoph Güntner. The flagship product of the Munich-based company is the mobile phone tool Mobile Master, which is now available in version 7. Originally conceived only for data alignment between Siemens mobile phones and Outlook, today the software offers a complete solution for the synchronization of contact, scheduling and task data between, on the one hand, all common mobile phone models from BenQ Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Nokia or Samsung and the most frequently used email clients or contact management programs, like Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Tobit David and many others. Jumping Bytes can also adapt Mobile Master to fit individual company requirements.