Address Book Master

Information about the order process

Order process

  1. You will receive a confirmation that your order has been received.
  2. When the payment hast been processed, you we will send you an email with your license file.
  3. When you pay by credit card usually this takes some minutes. When you pay via PayPal it may take up to 2 days, via wire transfer it make take up to 5 weekdays.

Installing the license

  • You will receive an email with your license file (or a link  to your license file). Copy the license file to your desktop and start it with a double click. Make sure PureSync is installed.
  • You may use your license on up to 3 computers fo which your are the main user.
  • Updates are free (in case this will be changed there will be hints at the webpage)

Problems with the order process

When you have ordered via the online form (ShareIt):
     +49 (0) 221 310 8830

When you have ordered via PayPal:
     Please send us an email

Problems with the license file:
     Please send us an email

The order form is not shown

The order is done via a secure connection, but in an IFrame. That's why you do not see the https, and this may cause the form not being displayed

Please click here to show the order form in a new window.

Address Book Master

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Address Book Master

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Address Book Master