Jumping Bytes

Corporate Solutions

We customize Mobile Master Corporate Edition as well as PureSync Professional to the particular needs of your company. Please contact us directly to discuss what needs to be done: sales_en-please-remove@jumpingbytes.com. Examples that may require us to customize an adaptation:

Increased security

By limiting functionality, you raise the security of your corporate network:

  • We adapt Phone Explorer in such a way that it is no longer possible to transfer files between a phone and Mobile Master
  • The QuickStart section can also be reduced to a minimum and adapted to your company requirements.

Reduced In-house Support

The Mobile Master corporate solution reduces your in-house support:

  • By permitting only certain functions,
  • By allowing only one brand of mobile phone,
  • By defining the data transfer direction: for example, employees can only transfer data from Lotus Notes to their phones but not in the other direction.